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Overuse Injuries in Team Sports

Posted by Aimee Wagstaff | Nov 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

In this fast-paced world of athletics, young children and teenagers are more prone to injuries than ever before. Youth sports have been increasingly plagued with injuries, with more than 3.5 million children under the age 15 suffering a sports injury that required medical treatment in 2003. This number adds up to one attended injury for every 10 plays. Almost half of these injuries that occur every year are the result of overuse. The intense training and regimen of sports play that is common today can be too much for a young body to bear.

Overuse injuries such as inflamed tendons, aching elbows and frayed muscle fibers can be especially frustrating for young athletes down the road. Acute traumatic injuries caused from overuse such as dislocations, hyperextensions and other mishaps can be easily avoided. Overuse injuries can occur in baseball, track, figure skating, basketball, football and volleyball. If one of your children have suffered recreational injury or an injury while playing on a sports team, don't wait to contact a team sports injury lawyer in Denver. We understand that these injuries can be life-altering, and we will work hard to win a settlement from the negligent party in your case. A Denver personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in your child's future, so call today.

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